[& NFL: and here...we...go!]

Giants/Cowboys game was Weds. but I was too busy doing homework and face-palming at the Giant's safeties and play calling. "HERP, let's run and get 0 yards and then have Eli throw and get a first down!" or "DERP! Prevent cover 2, let's let Romo throw checkdowns all night!" Seriously. You have a first ballot HoF QB under center. Notice when he got to call his own plays in the 2 minute drill you guys scored? Holy. Crap. Also their O-line was crap too--Eli is a gentle flower but he's my flower and if you let him get hurt so help me I will fly into a rage because that is my little awkward looking woobie.

The rest of the games I haven't been paying attention to other than the inevitable blow out that is going to be Dolphins @ Texans and the re-crowning of the other Manning. That sounds weird, calling him "the other Manning" but I figure it's time to let Eli be the pimp for the moment. I don't like the Steelers but I don't like the Broncos either. I however love Peyton so there you go.

Still, I'm going 44-10 Texans because I...yeah.

Tannehill seems like a good guy. Looks a little like Cro-Mag Tom Brady (which still makes me frown) but works hard. Isn't too terrible. Problem is the rest of the team is butts and dongs. So until there's someone for him to throw to and the defense stops looking confused, the 'phins are 3-13. I don't want them to be 3-13 but I'm a realist. And even THAT seems to be too much to some ESPN analysts who put the Dolphins winning 1 game.

Thanks for that, made me totally feel better, guys.

I need to go make that Dan Carpenter jersey.

The sobbing you'll hear on Sunday is me, by the way. Or if you don't hear it, it's liquor saving me.

Good Night and Good Luck.