[& NFL: Timothy Richard Tebow]

This is short and sweet: Is Tim Tebow becoming the starter of the Jets a good thing?

For the media? Yes.
For the team? Maybe.
For him? Quite possibly the worst idea ever.

The kid (wow, 2 years older than him and calling him a "kid") does not have a rough pysche--he has what people call "faith based amnesia"--but this is NY. This isn't Denver. He will be roasted alive if he's not that good.

I think Tim Tebow would be a serviceable QB somewhere. Problem is the hype. It doesn't get to him, it gets to his teams. How many questions can you answer about the guy? And no matter what he does, people set the bar higher. Can't play in college, can't win a national championship, can't be drafted in the 1st round, can't be a starting quarterback, can't have a winning record, can't win a playoff game.

And now it's can't win a Super Bowl?


Don't mistake this for absolute love. I think Tim Tebow is a beautiful man. I'm a die hard Gator. But I'm also a Dolphins fan and the Jets share my division. I am also do not share his religion and ideas. He also has the wonkiest throwing I have ever seen. Tim Tebow != Peyton Manning. So that's not why I defend him. I defend him because no matter what he does, it isn't enough. Only Steve Young and Skip Bayless are on his side. That's a hell of a stable to have.

But by Zeus, they are throwing this poor guy to the wolves.

Dolphins, thank you for not sucking this week. That is all.

Denver defense, thank you for proving me right. I mad at you.

One of the things I will forever and ever love about Eli Manning is this.

See this? He's mad but not raving. Calm and pissed. He goes to work and doesn't let stuff get to him. He's happy but not delirious, ok with being in his brother's shadow because he knows he can stand on his own. That sort of serene and determination I wish I had but I'm too much *like* his brother because we turn into raving lunatics when pissed.

That's what I love about Eli Manning. Plus he's awkwardly adorable. Not sexy. Just adorable:


Annnnnnnnnnd the Dolphins have to play the 49ners this year and the resulting murder you will hear about on the television is from me murdering David because fuck. Fuck. Goddamn they are good.


Good Night and Good Luck
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